Emergency crews rescue families in San Jacinto County

SAN JACINTO COUNTY, Texas – The Houston Fired Department worked through most the day Saturday, helping families escape overwhelming floods in San Jacinto County.

Calvin Potter and his family are some of the many residents who have watched the San Jacinto River ebb and flow for more than two decades.

"We were going to stay," Calvin Potter said. "But it's coming up pretty fast."

Debbie Potter said her house sits at the highest point in the neighborhood and even she was forced to evacuate. She hopes her neighbors will do the same.

"It's not just doing like it's done," Debbie Potter said. "This is a whole new ball game. We're living by old rules and we can't. We got to get out."

Temara Riley and her family also would have rather stayed.

"It's defiantly a different ball game. It's a lot higher than it normally is. So, it's better to be safe and get out," Riley said."