Intense Houston road rage incident caught on camera

HOUSTON – A viral video of a road rage incident this past weekend shows a very tense situation in Northwest Harris County.

The violence was caught Saturday morning at the busy intersection of Highway 6 and 290.

WATCH: Video of road rage brawl

It's not clear what started the incident, but in the video you can see a woman, who appears to be a passenger in a pickup truck, arguing with two men in a car.

David Dao was on his way to a charity event with his teenage daughter when he pulled up alongside the two vehicles as the situation unfolded.

Dao's daughter recorded two minutes, 17 seconds of the encounter on her cellphone.

"There were several points where someone could have walked away and unfortunately neither side did," Dao said.

Both vehicles appeared to be stopped on the road, with the truck beside the car.

The truck then drives in front of the car and parks. The woman begins to walk away from the car and toward the truck, then goes back to talk to the men in the car.

"The female passenger in the truck was the first one who came across to confront the other car at their door," Dao said.

It appears the passenger in the car throws something at the woman. The man who was driving the truck walks up to the front of the car and kicks the car's front bumper.

Both men exit the car and attack the pickup driver, striking the woman in the face in the process.

"I was thinking, 'Oh my gosh. I can't believe this," Dao said.

The fight then dies down, as the man and woman get into the pickup truck, and the two men return to the car.

But then the video shows the pickup truck reversing and slamming into the car before speeding off. The car then takes off after the truck.

It appears nobody was seriously injured.

The Harris County Sheriff's Office has identified everybody involved in the incident, and is in the process of conducting interviews.

The case is being investigated as an assault, a police source said.