Bracelet bearing fallen Katy soldier’s name found in Minnesota

KATY, Texas – “Forever thinning the strawberry patch in my backyard and I came across a hard object dirt-covered and scorched...” reads a letter that came from a woman named Annette in St. Paul, Minnesota. It was sent to Barbara Rozier in the mail along with a small metal bracelet with Barbara’s son’s name inscribed in it.

“Had our son’s name, Katy, Texas, and the date he was killed in action which was July of 2003,” Barbara said.

Lt. Jonathan Rozier died while serving in the U.S. Army in Iraq. He was recognized for his service. His family would like to know the history of the bracelet found in a strawberry patch in Minnesota.

“I think it’s sweet. She could have found it and tossed it away," Rozier said. "I’m sure she’s a mother, so she thought like a mother and thought that maybe I would like to have it.”

She plans on sending a thank you note to Annette along with a request for more information.

"I don’t know who this woman is and I don’t know anyone who lives in St. Paul, Minnesota, so I would love to know how this bracelet ended up in St. Paul, Minnesota,” Rozier said.