Dead rodent in Dr Pepper bottle, family says

HOUSTON – A Katy grandfather is searching for answers after he said he found a dead rodent inside his grandson’s bottle of Dr Pepper.

John Graves of Katy said his 3-year-old grandson, Kayden, drank the Dr Pepper on Sunday after they bought it in Galveston. The boy was given the soft drink while he sat in his car seat. He didn’t finish it, so they put the cap back on.

When they opened the 20-ounce bottle the next morning, they found a rodent floating inside. “Pretty good size. About 3 inches long, with a big tail,” Graves said.

They immediately took Kayden to his pediatrician to undergo some tests. Blood and urine samples were taken, and the state of Texas and the Centers for Disease Control were contact. They are now waiting for the results.

Fortunately so far Kayden appears happy and healthy. “I’m concerned about the health of my grandson,” Graves said.

The family also contacted Dr Pepper. A spokesperson told them and KPRC 2 that they want the bottle so they can run tests on it.


But the Graves family wants to have its own testing done before handing the bottle over to Dr Pepper's people.