Wedding dress lost in recent floods, bride still searching shortly before nuptials

HOUSTON – The recent flood disaster left many with frayed nerves, especially for one woman who spent days waiting for a very important delivery — her wedding dress.

Future bride Sarah Taylor continues to wait and search for the dress, just weeks before her big day. She is scheduled to walk down the aisle in July.

Her apartment, which is located in the Cutten Road area, was underwater last week when many people lost belongings as mail service came to a stop.

"If I walked into a bridal shop today they would tell me you're cutting it really close, it's only three months away," Taylor said.

The hunt and purchase of a wedding dress is a tedious process, most fiancés and former brides can relate to. Taylor had to page through countless magazines and visit several bridal boutiques before finding the now-missing dress in Virginia.

She said it takes five month for the seamstress to whip up her measurements in the desired style and then stick it in the mail. Taylor said she is running out of time to start over.

"The process of getting a wedding dress and creating one is very long (and) takes a very long time,” she said. “It's not like they already have them pre-made and you can just snap your fingers and order it again.”

She said the designer estimates the earliest the dress can be ready is early July, which gives Taylor two weeks to make alterations. Brides are often recommend to do that four months in advance.

Taylor has done all she can to keep a close tab on UPS, including emailing and calling the company. She’s even taken to Facebook. The delivery service said it is doing everything it can to locate the dress, which was last scanned April 14.

“All last week I called every single day, and it was just due to weather, everything was due to weather, and so they closed the investigation,” Taylor said.

She said UPS is paying for a new dress to be sent, although she fears it won’t arrive in time for the wedding.

We contacted UPS to get details on the whereabouts of the original gown. An official said the company did some rerouting of packages last week but couldn’t provide further information until Wednesday.

"At the end of the day, I'm marrying the man that I love so that's what's important," she said.