Concrete walkways, driveways can be repaired for fraction of cost

Do-it-yourself repair work can help shave off hundreds of dollars

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HOUSTON – When it comes to replacing broken, cracked and crumbling concrete walkways and driveways, everything is big.

Taking care of the problem is an expensive mix of big labor costs, lots of man hours, heavy machinery and costly materials.

Sharon Norman of Kingwood learned about all of that when she recently found out her driveway was so broken up, she would have to have it replaced. The worst part? Like most of us, she knew nothing about concrete repair and replacement.

"My biggest fear was that the whole driveway was going to end up cracking to the point where I would have to replace the entire thing for $8,000 to $10,000," Sharon said.

That's a pretty fair guess. According to Jack McGinnis, a veteran cement and asphalt contractor in Houston, even a small, 20-by-20-foot driveway can cost up to $8,000.

But McGinnis said there are lots of cracks that can be repaired for a fraction of that cost, especially if you are willing to do a little work yourself.

"There are definitely cracks that the average guy can repair, and in doing so, save thousands of dollars over a full sidewalk or driveway replacement," McGinnis said.

Now, we at Channel 2 News, working with McGinnis, are going to teach you which cracks can be repaired and which require concrete replacement.

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