Haley’s Health Inbox: Should I cover my hair when I’m outside my home?

Haley Hernandez
Haley Hernandez

KPRC Channel 2′s health reporter Haley Hernandez has been answering some of your emailed questions regarding the impact of COVID-19 here in the Houston area.

We are answering a few of the top questions each day. You can scroll down and read questions and answers from previous days.

I have developed a case of hives on one upper leg. I have never had hives before. Is it a coincidence that I have hives at this time of COVID-19 crisis?

We have not heard of hives as being a symptom but we have heard of very weird symptoms that aren’t common: pink eye, loss of smell. You should check with your doctor if you think you may have Coronavirus. Remember they’ll ask you about other common symptoms too: cough, fever, shortness of breath.

What about hair? Should I cover my hair when I’m outside my home? Does the virus attach itself to hair?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates the virus could be viable for “hours to days” depending on the surface and conditions. When it comes to stainless steel and plastic the coronavirus could live for a few days. However, experts agree it’s unlikely the virus can stay on hair for any length of time.

You mentioned the name of a testing facility here that could send personnel over to our homes if we are immunocompromised like diabetes. What is the company’s name?

United Memorial is offering free mobile coronavirus testing in the Houston area. Mayor Turner also announced a city partnership with Russell Westbrook Why Not Foundation to help provide free testing. Anyone with a disability who cannot access a testing site due to their disability should contact MOPD at 832-394-0814 or email them at mopdmail@houstontx.gov.