Are you wearing your cloth mask the right way? Here are the most common mistakes

Making protective masks
Making protective masks

HOUSTON – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced new guidelines last week, urging everyone to wear a mask when they leave the house. Due to the severe shortage of masks you can buy, many are resorting to making their own. Does that help provide protection?

Mask-making community grows

All over the Houston area, people are working together to make homemade cloth masks for those in need. Even the youngest members of the mask making community are working hard to help others.

“We have children as young as eight years old at home right now, and they are busy sewing face masks to give back,” Shelancia Daniel, Founder The Creativity Shell.

Kids from sewing classes at The Creativity Shell are making cloth masks. The goal is to make 500 masks and give them out for free. They also plan on making hospital gowns.

“Their job is to use the skills they have acquired in their classes and to give back to the community when the community is in need,” said Daniel.

The Creativity Shell students are part of the growing community effort since President Donald Trump’s announcement that Americans should consider wearing cloth masks while out in public. But, if you are not wearing your mask the wrong way, you could be doing more harm than good.

Make sure the mask is covering nose and mouth