Dozens rush to fabric stores after the CDC recommends wearing masks

SUGAR LAND – Dozens of people rushed to Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts in Sugar land to buy materials to make masks.

"I came out today to get some extra supplies. I have been making masks since last Wednesday," said customer Evelyn Shephard.

The line outside of the fabric store was about 10 to 12 people long since 10 a.m. Sunday morning.

George Barone said his wife has made 30 masks and are making more for the folks in their community.

"100 dollars worth of fabric. We're making masks for all our neighbors," Barone said.

Diane Henk was also shopping for others. She said she was hoping to show her appreciation to the heroes on the front line.

"Trying to help my niece make some masks. She works at a local hospital in College Station. They're making scrub hats to kind of lift moral and material to make masks and wear over their N95 masks," said Henk.

The store said 380 customers have also ordered online and scheduled for curbside delivery.


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