Nap Bar provides Houstonians with place to catch some quick ZZZs

HOUSTON – Now that we've sprung forward an hour, many of us are needing a midday nap (at least a little more so than usual).

Monday is National Napping Day, and what better day to get a peek of Houston’s latest cozy hideaway than on a day that was created to highlight the health benefits of napping?

The Houston Nap Bar is a facility where sleepy people can pay for a private pod and take a quick snooze during their busy work day.

The new establishment on Kirby is going to open April 1 and is designed to offer a safe way for people to power nap.

Once a guest walks in, employees provide them with a variety of goodies, like headphones and a blanket, so people can relax during their stay.

People get to pick out what kind of music or sounds they would like to hear during their stay, and then it's nap time.

Employees at the Nap Bar say it's the perfect place to get a midday pick-me-up.

“It's a getaway," an employee said. "So if you want to nap, meditate, rejuvenate, Nap Bar is the place for you to do exactly that."

Naps are scheduled for 20 to 26 minutes. Once the nap is over, there is an area where people can freshen up before getting back to their daily routine.

There is still about a month left until the Nap Bar’s grand opening, but when the business officially opens it will have tons of fun things going on people will want to check out.

For more information about the Nap Bar, visit its website or head over to the Nap Bar's Facebook page.

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