The Greasy Spoon Soulfood Bistro of Houston’s north side serving up soul food like you’ve never tasted

The Greasy Spoon of Houston’s north side is serving up soul food like you’ve never tasted.
The Greasy Spoon of Houston’s north side is serving up soul food like you’ve never tasted. (KPRC 2)

HOUSTON – While this fairly new Houston gem’s food is good to your stomach, the story behind the restaurant’s growth is even better for the soul.

The Greasy Spoon Soulfood Bistro is located on Houston’s north side at 636 Cypress Station Dr. Officially open in early 2020, the establishment is the first solo restaurant venture businessman Max Bozeman has had, and so far, it’s been nothing short of successful, despite the unique challenges he’s had to face.

Through the COVID-19 pandemic and a cancer diagnosis, Bozeman has served his community faithfully by giving them delicious upscale soul food dishes for reasonable prices. Bozeman said the restaurant stemmed from his catering business, but when members of the community started smelling the amazing aroma of the food, he knew he had to do more. In addition to wanting to serve his community, Bozeman also wanted to leave a legacy for his kids.

“Food is a universal language, and it’s something you can connect with people all over, no matter the background, race, no matter the economic status, and so I wanted my kids to be able to see that,” Bozeman said.

Max Bozeman, owner of The Greasy Spoon Soulfood Bistro (KPRC 2)

But as he watched the restaurant grow, things became uncertain and Bozeman had to adjust to a new normal due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As quickly as the adjustments were made, Bozeman said he was hit with another unexpected blow when he was diagnosed with cancer.

“That was another situation that kind of blindsided me and made me have to adjust my life again,” he said. “I ended up having to reveal it publicly.”

Bozeman said the revelation opened the door for an overwhelming amount of support.

“We were already, as a community, rallying around Black businesses around that same time, and so it hit hand-in-hand,” Bozeman said.

I was able to taste the mouth-watering dishes that have set The Greasy Spoon apart from the rest in such a short period of time:

The Seafood Stack

TGS' Seafood Stack (KPRC 2)

With this much food, you’ll have to share with a friend! The platter was packed with catfish fried to perfection, jumbo shrimp, golden fried lobster, and crispy french fries.

Rosemary Lamb Chops

TGS' Rosemary Lamb Chops (KPRC 2)

This flavorful meal included a bed of rice covered in a light yet flavorful sauce, perfectly cooked collard greens, and candied yams. This is where soul food meets sophistication! The lamb chops, which were perfectly cooked and tender, also have a jerk-flavored option.

The Boss Seafood Stack

TGS' Boss Seafood Stack (KPRC 2)

Out of all the dishes, this one was the meal I anticipated trying the most. This dish is layered with dirty rice, greens, Cajun-fried catfish, blackened shrimp, lobster and topped off with a Cajun signature sauce that will blow your mind. The dish made my taste buds so happy and made TGS stand out in ways that no other soul food restaurant in the city has, in my opinion.

The Boudin Eggrolls

TGS' Boudin Eggrolls (KPRC 2)

This was the perfect appetizer! So much cheesy goodness and delicious Boudin packed into a perfectly fried eggroll. It is also served with the popular sweet and tangy TGS sauce.

Prices for meals range from $12-$30. The restaurant also serves daily specials throughout the week in an effort to make sure everyone can enjoy an affordable, filling meal. Brunch options are served on the weekends.

In addition to the great success the restaurant has gained since its opening, Bozeman plans to open a new location in Pearland. While customers will still be able to get some of the same dishes they’ve fallen in love with at the north side location, Bozeman said he plans to further expand the menu.

Go here for more information on The Greasy Spoon or follow the restaurant’s Instagram @thegreasyspoonhtx.

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