Torchy’s removes ‘Republican’ and ‘Independent’ tacos from their menu but promises it’s not a political move

Torchy's Tacos in Houston's Heights area
Torchy's Tacos in Houston's Heights area (Courtesy of Torchy's Tacos)

HOUSTON – Torchy’s Tacos plans to remove two of the lowest-selling tacos from their menu, confirming that the move is not meant to bring controversy.

In a Facebook post dated June 18, the “Republican” taco and the vegetarian “Independent” taco will be leaving the Texas taco staple’s famed menu. Torchy’s said that the move was made to “simplify their menu during COVID-19″ and to support the needs of employees during the pandemic.

“[Customers] voted with [their] dollars and quite frankly, these tacos didn’t sell very well,” Torchy’s said.

Oh no! Y’all caught us in an elaborate taco conspiracy! #tacogate

Posted by Torchy's Tacos on Thursday, June 18, 2020

Torchy’s said the “Republican” taco, made with grilled jalapeno and sausage along with shredded cheese and poblano salsa, represented 1 out of every 100 (about 1%) items they sold, which is not close to a “sustainable quantity” for business.

Torchy’s said it has brought back the original version of the “Republican” while they work on a new and improved version of the taco.

There will also be a replacement for the “Independent” taco, so no need to worry, vegetarian lovers.

“Whatever your party or taco preference, we don’t judge. It’s none of our Damn business,” Torchy’s said on Facebook. “We just want to serve you the Damn Good tacos you love!”

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