William Shatner, Ian Somerhalder among numerous guests coming to Comicpalooza 2023

From left -- William Shatner, Jack Quaid, Antony Starr, Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder (Comicpalooza/Houston First)

HOUSTON – The list of special guests is growing this year as Comicpalooza, Texas’ largest comic book convention, will take place at George R. Brown Convention Center May 26-28.

Attendees will have a chance to meet a diverse number of guests spanning from celebrities, to comic book writers and artists, to anime voice actors.

Comicpalooza announced that photo-ops and autographs are now available for purchase online. Go here to learn more, and save money when you arrive!


William Shatner | Appearing May 27 ONLY

From his bio on Comicpalooza.com: “William Shatner has notched up an impressive 70-plus years in front of the camera, displaying heady comedic talent and being instantly recognizable to several generations of cult television fans as the square-jawed Captain James T. Kirk, commander of the starship U.S.S. Enterprise.

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Lou Diamond Phillips | Appearing May 27 ONLY

Best known for his role as Ritchie Valens in ‘La Bamba; Phillips also starred in “Stand and Deliver,” and “The King and I.” He also made several cameos on “George Lopez.”

Alaqua Cox | Appearing May 27-28

Alaqua Cox is best known for her breakout role as Maya Lopez/Echo in “Hawkeye.” She is set to star in her own spin-off series.

Chad L. Coleman | Appearing May 27-28

Fans may know Chad Coleman as “Tyreese” from The Walking Dead. He also stars in CW’s Superman and Lois and the newest Netflix musical “Girls5Eva.”

Titus Welliver | Appearing May 27-28

Titus Welliver is best known for his roles in “Lost,” “The Good Wife,” and Freevee’s newest series “Bosch.”

Christopher Judge | Appearing May 27-28

Judge’s largest role came with Stargate SG-1 (1997) and MacGuyver. He does voice acting for animated series and video games, including the voice of Kratos in “God of War.”

Cast members of “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”

Tenoch Huerta | Appearing May 27-28

Tenoch Huerta can currently be seen starring as Namor in Disney and Marvel’s film, “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.” The film released worldwide on Nov. 11, 2022. Additionally in 2022, Tenoch served on the jury the Alfred P. Sloane Feature Film Prize at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival.

Dominique Thorne - Appearing May 27-28

Dominique is the breakout star in Marvel Studios’ “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.” She previously starred in “If Beale Street Could Talk,” playing the role of “Sheila Hunt,” the petulant younger sister of “Fonny Hunt.”

Cast members of “The Vampire Diaries”

Ian Somerhalder | Appearing May 27-28

Aside from his role in “The Vampire Diaries,” he was also a series regular on the Golden Globe award-winning show “Lost.”

Paul Wesley | Appearing May 27-28

From the Comicpalooza.com website: “After starring, producing, and directing ‘The Vampire Diaries’ for eight years, Paul played the lead role in seasons 1 and 2 of CBS All Access’ ‘Tell Me A Story,’ as well as a lead role in Robert Zemeckis’s Netflix miniseries ‘Medal of Honor.’ Most recently, he can be seen in ‘Star Trek: Strange New World as Captain James T. Kirk.’”

Cast members of “Arrow”

Stephen Amell | Appearing May 27 ONLY

Stephen Amell is well known for playing the superhero in The CW’s popular show, “Arrow.” He is also well-known for his work in recurring roles on “New Girl,” “Private Practice.” and “Vampire Diaries.”

Juliana Harkavy | Appearing May 27-28

An award-winning actress, Juliana Harkavy plays Black Canary in “Arrow” and starred in “To Write Love In Her Arms” and “Last Shift.”

Rick Gonzalez | Appearing May 27-28

Rick Gonzalez starred in the 2002 Rick Disney film “The Rookie” as Dennis Quaid’s opposite. He also starred in Coach Carter and most recently, “Arrow.”

Colton Haynes | Appearing May 27-28

Colton Haynes landed the role of Jackson Whittemore in the 2011 MTV series “Teen Wolf.” In 2012, Haynes was a recurring member on The CW’s “Arrow,” playing “Roy Harper,” a street thug who idolizes the Arrow and later becomes his protegé, Arsenal.

Josh Segarra | Appearing May 27-28

Josh Segarra starred in season 5 of “Arrow” as Adrian Chase. He is set to star in the latest “Scream” installment and the Apple TV comedy “The Big Door Prize.”

Cast members of ‘The Boys’

Antony Starr | Appearing May 27-28

Anthony Starr plays “Homelander” in “The Boys,” now it its fourth season. He is set to star in Guy Ritchie’s feature film, “The Interpreter.”

Jack Quaid | Appearing May 27-28

Jack Quaid stars in the latest installation of “Scream,” as well as other movies such as “Logan Lucky,” “Rampage,” and “The Hunger Games.”

Erin Moriarty | Appearing May 27-28

Erin Moriarty can be seen in the second season of Amazon’s irreverent superhero series, THE BOYS. The show follows a group of vigilantes who set out to take down corrupt superheroes who abuse their superpowers. Moriarty plays Annie January a/k/a Starlight, a burgeoning hero who is quickly disillusioned with the manufactured world of superhero culture.

Comic book artists, podcasters, Literary authors

Terry Brooks | Appearing May 27-28

Terry Brooks has been a writer since childhood. His first book, “The Sword of Shannara” was published in 1997 as his first novel. Since then, he has written more than 40 bestselling novels including “Daughter of Darkness.”

Stephen Graham Jones | Appearing May 27-28

One of the most excited modern voices in horror literature, Stephen Graham Jones previously worked with Marvel Comics and IDW Comics.

Steve McNiven | Appearing May 26-28

Steve McNiven is comic book artist and modern legend having worked on “Old Man Logan,” “Return of Wolverine,” the “Death of Wolverine,” as well as several projects independently with Mark Millar.

Frank Cho | Appearing May 27-28

Frank Cho is a comic book writer and artist with a storied career that includes top-tier books at Marvel, including “Spider-Man,” “The Mighty Avengers,” “Hulk,” “X-Men,” “Shanna the She-Devil” and “Savage Wolverine” and has received acclaim for his Harley Quinn covers for DC.

Yanick Paquette | Appearing May 26-28

Yanick Paquette is an Eisner-nominated, Shuster Awards Winner and No. 1 New-York Times bestselling comics artist. He began his career as a comic book illustrator in the United States in 1994.

Kij Johnson | Appearing May 26-28

Kij Johnson is a writer of short stories, novels and occasional other things. She has sold more than 50 shorter works of fiction, as well as poems, nonfiction, and game materials.

Voice actors (Anime, Gaming, etc.)

Paul Castro Jr. | Appearing May 27-28

Paul Castro Jr. is an American voice actor known for voicing Rindo in Square Enix’s “NEO: The World Ends with You,” Jun Sadamoto in “Lost Judgment: The Kaito Files,” among many more.

Luci Christian | Appearing May 27-28

Luci Christian is one of the most prolific anime voice actors in North America, voicing fan favorites Ochaco Uraraka in “My Hero Academia,” Nami in “One Piece,” and Honey in “Ouran High School Host Club.”

Colleen Clinkenbeard | Appearing May 27-28

Colleen Clinkenbeard is a voice actor and director with over 300 roles in anime and video games. Currently she is most excited to be producing, directing, and acting in “My Hero Academia.”

Amber Lee Connors | Appearing May 27-28

Amber Lee Connors is a professional voice actress for anime and video games. Her anime credits include “Komi Can’t Communicate” (Komi); “Attack on Titan” (Pieck); “My Hero Academia” and more.

Jason Douglas | Appearing May 27-28

Best known as the voice of Beerus the Destroyer in “Dragon Ball Super,” Krieg the Psycho in “Gearbox hits Borderlands 2 and 3,″ Jason Douglas is also well-recognized for his four seasons as dutiful Alexandrian Tobin on “The Walking Dead.”

Sonny Strait | Appearing May 27-28

Most recognized as the voice of Krillin on the wildly popular, animated TV show “Dragonball Z” and as an illustrator for, arguably, the most famous, independently published comic book series “Elfquest,” SonnyStrait has over 20 years of experience in the arts.

Jenny Yokobori | Appearing May 27-28

Jenny Yokobori is a Japanese-American voice actress. Jenny is the youngest cast member on “The Simpsons” and can also be heard as Yoimiya in “Genshin Impact,” Wanda in “One Piece,” Kuromi and Cinnamoroll in “Hello Kitty and Friends Supercute Adventures,” as well as in “Fire Emblem Heroes,” “Demon Souls,” and more.

Mallorie Rodak | Appearing May 27-28

Mallorie Rodak is an American voice actress who has appeared in hundreds of TV series, movies, animation, and video games.


Lita | Appearing May 27 ONLY

Lita is a professional wrestler best known for her work with WWE. Often regarded as one of the greatest women’s performers and considered one of the icons of “WWE’s Attitude Era,” she is one of the most popular female wrestlers in the company’s history and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2014.

Mick Foley | Appearing May 27-28

Mick Foley is well known as a WWE Champion and New York Times bestselling author. One of the cornerstones of WWE’s meteoric rise in the late 90′s, Mick Foley earned the nickname “The Hardcore Legend” for his ability to absorb seemingly inhuman punishment in some of the most dramatic matches in sports-entertainment history.


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