🔒A Christmas tree spy🐈, moon over Texas🌕 and an angry Texans fan🏈: See the best of our latest Click2Pins submissions

Click2Pins submissions the week of Dec. 5, 2022. (Click2Pins, Copyright 2022 by KPRC Click2Houston - All rights reserved.)

HOUSTON – Southeast Texas. That’s what we were thinking as we perused this week’s Click2Pins.

In case you’re wondering, Click2Pins.com is where we find the photos that are making your life what it is in Southeast Texas. We love seeing your submissions of weather, animals, news around where you are and touching moments that bring us closer to what matters to you.

Thank you so much to those who have submitted their videos and photos to us and congratulations to those who have been included in the roundup below.

Here are some of this week’s best Click2Pins.com submissions. We’ve put a 📸 icon on top of our favorite for the week (This week we have two favorites!):

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Moon over Texas 📸


Pat Cassity (Montgomery) - Even though the Houston area wasn't in the path of the Mars Occultation, I was still able to get a shot of Mars and the Moon and some pretty cool clouds.


The moon and Mars

SkyWatcher (Oscar)

Not quite the picture of the Moon and Mars I was hoping to get due to the thick layer of clouds that rolled in. I'll take what I can get.

San Antonio

Holiday pups

Kerri Plowman

Pebbles is ready for the Holidays

Moon over Lake Livingston

D. Gibson

Moon and Mars over Lake Livingston.


Moon over Porter


Tonight's Moon shot from Porter

Kitty’s first Christmas


Fi Fi just could not wait to help decorate our Tree! It’s her first Christmas!


“Fat momma dog”

Bonnie Parker

My Fat Momma Dog #Click2HiustonPins


Full moon with a cross

Lady Diana

Full Moon with Cross

Enjoying the weather


Nicholas enjoying the weather on the evening walk

Livingston sunset


Beautiful sunset today


Reflections in the water


Long exposure shot, sunrise on the still Guadalupe at Cordillera Ranch yesterday morning- not much sun though! …had to take it “vertical” not sideways Mike haha


A pretty balmy night in Cypress


Warm and balmy tonight, but oh so pretty!!


A foggy start to the day in Kingwood


A foggy start to the day in Kingwood.

Roses still blooming

Bonnie Parker

Roses are still blooming Unusual weather for December #Click2HoustonPins


So lovely in the sunset

Mya Tran

Sunsets be like...

Missouri City

Sea Isle at sunset

Amy Schiller

Sea Isle at Sunset


A December sunset


December Sunset Still

League City

So beautiful with fall color🍂

Haskell Moore

Taken today at Landa Park in New Braunfels



Grinch catching a ride with Santa in Tomball, y’all🎅

Shana Santellan

Grinch is catching a ride with Santa!


The moon in view in League City


December 5th, 2022 ~ The Moon is in view

League City

League City lights


Holiday Lights

League City

Cat in a tree!


Where's DASHIE??? This was last year, when she was a little smaller, I was looking for her & couldn't find her then I see movement on the tree, & there she was. Lol. Putting tree up this weekend we'll see what she does. My other cat Chandler just likes to sleep under the lights.

San Antonio

Pecan Grove Christmas masterpiece


98% done!!! We will be finished tomorrow!


An Astros wonderland


Astros Wonderland


Having a blast at Ice Land

Eric M.

Having a blast at Ice Land, Moody Gardens


“Star Wars” among the elephant ears


The path to Peace, Joy and Happiness is through the elephant ears


Elf on the Shelf, principal edition📸

Mistura Osinowo

Dr. Fidel Wells, our Principal at Juan Seguin Elementary School in Fort Bend ISD dressed as Elf on the Shelf today to give the kids a little holiday cheer!


Sleepy baby

Bonnie Parker

Miss Mighty Dog 🐶 #Click2HoustonPins


What a shot! Opossums....!🥰


Critters and Rudolph?


Keep ‘em coming, y’all! We could feature your videos or photos in our next roundup story!

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