You should be concerned about this survey finding on the best barbecue cities in the U.S. (Spoiler alert: none are in Texas)

HOUSTONThis latest survey finding from Chef’s Pencil should concern you as a Texan.

The online food magazine used TripAdvisor reviews to rank the best and worst places in the U.S. for barbecue.

According to the results, New Orleans, Oklahoma City, and Wichita are the top three best places for barbecue. The findings were based on TripAdvisor reviews and the number of BBQ joints the city has.

The worst cities for barbecue? Four Texas cities, including Houston, are ranked among the worst places for barbecue. Ranked 7th lowest, Houston’s result was due to having the most barbecue restaurants per-capita with four stars or lower.

Anchorage, Alaska, Boston and Plano, Texas were the top three cities with the worst barbecue.

TripAdvisor responded to the survey via Twitter, saying they did not make the maps themselves and the results are “worrying.”

You can view the full results here. You can see the outrage -- err, reactions from social media users below:

Even Gov. Greg Abbott agrees:

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