Valentine’s Day hot cocoa bombs are here, and we are so excited

We want all the hot cocoa bombs! (Pexels)

One of the good things to come out of 2020 was hot cocoa bombs, the delicious chocolate globes filled with hot cocoa mix and marshmallows that melt when hot milk is poured over them.

They were all the rage during the holiday season, and it looks like they’re not going anywhere any time soon, thanks to Valentine’s Day hot cocoa bombs from Target.

That’s right: The lovely folks at Target are selling a strawberry and cream-flavored hot cocoa bomb for just $2.99.

According to the store’s website, you can’t order these hot cocoa bombs online, but you can search and see if a Target near you has them in stock.

Valentine’s Day might not be until next month, but you might want to stock up on these little treats before they’re all gone.

It felt like it was impossible to snag a hot cocoa bomb during the holidays, so we wouldn’t be surprised if they sold out again.

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