These steps will keep your pet safe if a hurricane hits where you live

It's better to be prepared.
It's better to be prepared. (Pexels.)

For people in parts of the country that are hit by hurricanes, you probably already know to have an emergency kit ready for a moment’s notice, but do you have everything prepared for your four-legged friend?

Here are a few tips from PetSmart resident veterinarian Jennifer Freeman on what you should have prepped for your dog or cat in any emergency situation, even if it’s not a hurricane.

A carrying crate

When dangerous weather hits, it’s a good idea to have a pet carrying crate for your animal so you know they will be safe inside. Freeman suggests doing some pre-crate training so when an emergency strikes, it’s not your animal’s first time going in.


If a worst-case scenario happens and you do become separated from your pet, you’ll want to make sure that they are properly identified. That means having an ID on the collar, or one step further: making sure your pet is microchipped.

“Consider microchip identification for your pets, as this is a permanent way to identify them and is used universally by animal shelters and veterinarians,” Freeman said.

A pet emergency kit

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