Meet our KPRC 2 Kids ‘Artist of the Week!’

KPRC 2 Kids Artists of the Week (KPRC)

HOUSTON – Last week, parents had the opportunity to upload their child’s pet artwork from our KPRC 2 Art Assignments. Parents submitted one piece of artwork into each category. The categories included Most Creative, Most Uplifting, Most Colorful and Most Realistic.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, viewers had the chance to see all of the submissions and pick their favorite pieces for each category. Here are our four “Artists of the Week” for our pet’s assignment.

Meet David

Most Realistic by 8-year-old David (KPRC)

David was inspired by his classmates. He misses his classmates at school and misses playing with them. David loves to draw puppies. At home, he loves watching kids baking championship. He enjoys watching Buddy versus Duff, Beat Bobby Flay and Supermarket Stakeout on Food Network because he loves cooking.

Meet Mykael

Most Uplifting drawing by 10-year-old Mykael (KPRC)

Mykael was inspired to create the drawing because she loves dogs and thought a picture of a small dog in a shoe would make people happy! Her favorite thing to draw at home is mythical dragons. Mykael’s loves drawing and playing in the pool.

Meet Eden

Most creative by 11-year-old Eden (KPRC)

Most Creative goes to Kitty City by 11-year-old Eden from Sugar Land. Even though Eden can’t own a cat because of her family’s allergies, she really enjoys drawing them. She loves drawing collages featuring all different kinds of cats. In her free time, Eden enjoys drawing cartoons or watching Netflix.

Meet Mia

Most Colorful by 12-year-old Mia (KPRC)

Mia found a coloring book and founded this page. It took her a while to finish, but she wanted to show what a little creativity and color can do.

You can submit your child’s best artwork here for a chance to be featured as our “KPRC 2 KIDS Artist of the Week.” You can see all of our featured artists below.

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Most Uplifting drawing by 6-year-old Charlie