Meet our KPRC 2 Kids ‘Artist of the Week!’

KPRC 2 Kids 'Artists of the Week' (KPRC)

HOUSTON – On Monday and Tuesday, parents had the opportunity to upload their child’s best artwork from our daily KPRC 2 Art Assignments. Parents submitted one piece of artwork into each category. The categories included Most Creative, Most Uplifting, Most Colorful and Most Realistic.

On Wednesday and Thursday, parents, friends and family members had the chance to see all of the submissions and pick their favorite piece for each category. Here are our four “Artists of the Week.”

Meet Jace

Most Creative by 6-year-old Jace (KPRC)

Jace is a 6-year-old kindergartner from Richmond, Texas. Jace has been drawing different superheroes on lunch bags for “Lunches of Love” in Fort Bend for kids that need food. His goal is to do 50 bags! His favorite thing to draw is superheroes. His hobbies include playing with his friends, drawing, working out with his dad and riding his bike.

Meet Charlie

Most Uplifting drawing by 6-year-old Charlie (KPRC)

Charlie is six years old and lives in Santa Fe. Last year he was “Student of the Year” and received great honors! He loves animals and to help others. His favorite thing to do is play outside and play on the playground with his friends at school. He loves to draw his family and loves playing video games with his big brother. He also enjoys playing with baby sister.

Meet Amaiya

Most Realistic drawing by Amaiya (KPRC)

Amaiya is from Texas City. She was inspired by Billie Eilish on her drawing, she said “Billie is never shy to be herself and she is unique.” Amaiya used Prismacolor pencils to create this drawing. Her favorite thing to do at home is spending time with my family, make Tik-Toks videos and drawing or painting. Amaiya wants everyone to know “when you put your mind to do something, believe in your self and never give up!”

Meet Caroline and Matthew

Most Colorful by Caroline and Matthew (KPRC)

Caroline is 8 years old and Matthew is 5 years old. They are both from Houston. With a little cubist Pokémon inspiration, these kiddos went to town on their stained-glass sidewalk chalk art!

Tune in on Monday to submit your child’s best artwork here for a chance to be featured as our “KPRC 2 KIDS Artist of the Week.” You can see all of our featured artists below.

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Most Uplifting drawing by 6-year-old Charlie