Crawfish dip? These are the condiments you should mix and try with your crawfish, according to KPRC 2 viewers


HOUSTON – Houstonians love their crawfish. So we asked our KPRC 2 viewers to share any unique combinations they use to create a crawfish dip.

We received nearly 1,000 responses from our crawfish-loving audience. Most said they enjoyed them alone or with melted butter, and some shared their unique dipping creations.

Below you’ll find a list of condiments some of our respondents mix together to dip their crawfish in, you may (or may not) want to give them a try:

1.) Mayo and ketchup

“Definitely mayo & ketchup mixed together,” Twitter user Madeline DeLeon said. “Y’all are doing it wrong if you ain’t dipping it in that and don’t knock it till you try it.”

“Many that I knew while living in NOLA would mix equal parts mayonnaise and ketchup into what they called ‘MK Sauce’, some added Tony’s or other cajun spice,” Twitter user @UrbanCowRoy said. "It wasn’t all that bad, but when you’re trying to make a meal I don’t want anything slowing me down.

2.) Mayo, lemon and cajun seasoning

3.) Mayo, sour cream, horseradish, Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper

“My go to sauce for seafood,” Twitter user @RA25427410 said.

4.) Mayo, ketchup, Tony’s chachere’s

5.) Mayo, ketchup, Tony chachere’s and Tabasco

“Mix that together and you got a winner," Twitter user @Beastmode3016 said.

6.) Lemon, Cajun seasoning and butter

7.) Tarter sauce, Tabasco, lemon juice and Slap Ya Mama Cajun seasoning

8.) Melted butter with sautéed garlic, habanero and a splash of fresh lemon juice

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