5 easy home exercises that can help burn calories

Photo by Getty Images.
Photo by Getty Images. (Getty Images)

Now that we’re moving past all the wonderful holidays In which many of us tend to indulge ourselves, it’s time to look ahead and get back on track with focusing on our health.

Though many gyms and workout facilities are now open after having shut amid the pandemic earlier this year, there might be some nervousness in getting out in the public where people are working out and flinging sweat.

But there is a way to combat those concerns -- and they’re all simple for most people.

This past holiday season, Michael Butchko, a personal trainer at Burn Boot Camp Memorial City in Houston, offered five exercises you can do inside your home or any other indoor location, with the hopes of keeping those extra pounds off.

Each of these exercises should be done for a minute.

Jumping jacks

OK, we know this is a simple and well-known one that people learned to do in elementary school gym class.

Regardless, they work!

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