Houston’s Lizzo takes to Instagram to share heartfelt message post-debate

As many who watched the first presidential debate expressed lost hope on social media, Houston’s own Lizzo took to Instagram to share a message to lift up the younger generation that may feel powerless, given the circumstance.

“All I want to do is inspire you to register to vote, and to vote, and to know your power,” Lizzo said. “I have no insinuation of who you want to vote for and no insinuation of what party you want to vote for.”

The singer went on to encourage her young followers to believe in their ability to make a difference.

“I’m just talking to you – the newly turned 18-year-olds, the people who felt indecisive about voting, the people who didn’t think their vote mattered, the people who don’t believe they have power..."

Although mentioning the people have limited control to a degree, Lizzo went on to say if older generations believe in their power and are practicing their right to vote then the younger generations should as well.

“Whether we like the way they do politics or not, we can’t sit out,” Lizzo said. “This election is happening with or without you. And all I ask is for you to be present.”

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But i hope you listen

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