The Eyes of Texas: It's a podcast, y'all!

HOUSTON – Every week for 30 years, KPRC2 hit the road. The mission was simple: find a good story and share it. 

"The Eyes of Texas," Channel 2's show about the people, places and issues that shaped the Lone Star State became must-see TV for scores of Texans.  


In 1969, the show launched with its first host, KPRC's news director at the time, Ray Miller. Miller nurtured the program, giving Houstonians a front-row seat to Texas culture, history and flashes of everyday happenstance: Texas, as told on TV.  

Ron Stone continued the journey, hosting the show after Miller. Stone featured Texas' many treasures: from the rush to mine Topaz, the state's official gemstone, to historical highlights.

In sum, the program lived up to its name, giving sight to stories that underscored life in Texas.

The program went away for a spell, but KPRC2 is pleased to announce The Eyes of Texas is back. This time, it's a podcast, y'all! 


The reboot, hosted by longtime reporter and skilled storyteller Brandon Walker, aims to build on the legacy left behind by Ray Miller, Ron Stone and the Eyes of Texas team of yesteryear.  

Each episode features tales of Texans and the unique stories that help shape life in the Lone Star State.

While it may sound different, the goal remains the same. Join us  we go travelin' Texas once more.

The first two episodes of The Eyes of Texas podcast launch Tuesday, Oct. 30.

Here's a trailer for the podcast:


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