Houston soul band 'The Suffers' slays Mother's Day with touching new video for 'Mammas'

(The Suffers/YouTube)

HOUSTON – Houston soul band The Suffers is out with a touching new video just in time for Mother’s Day.

The video is for their song called “Mammas.” With lines like “She loved you even before you had your name. / Cherish the day she could see your face / and since then nothing has changed,” the song pays homage to loving moms -- a kind of Mother’s Day card we all wish we could write.

The video may leave you in a puddle as you watch a young family prepare pancakes, spend time together at the playground and the mothers of the eight-member band look tearfully at their own mamas.

Vocalist Kam Franklin wrote in an email from the road that the video’s message is about cherishing your relationship with your mother.

“Tomorrow is not promised,” she wrote. “Don’t wait until your mother’s funeral to give her flowers or to tell her how much she means to you. Appreciate the time you get to spend together right here and right now. Call your mom.”

The video features a number of families, including a lesbian couple and their son. Franklin wrote that, when the director suggested having a lesbian family represented, “we went with it without hesitation.”

“The definition of 'family' and 'mother' has evolved,” she wrote. "Representation is important, and I’m so glad that we could show that in the video.”

Franklin said the mothers who are featured in the video weren't told much about the video concept to keep things relaxed.

“We didn’t want anyone to overthink anything,” she wrote. “We just want(ed) them to feel beautiful and spend time with us. We’re on the road so much, that this gave us all a perfect opportunity to spend time together.”

Franklin also had a special message for Houston: "Happy early Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. We are grateful for everything y’all do. Also, we hope that this video and song encourages everyone to call/text their moms while they still can. Also, Go Rockets!”

The Suffers perform next in St. Louis. The band will be back in Houston for the Great Houston BBQ at Sam Houston Park on May 20. 

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