'Nancy Drew' Finale: Kennedy McMann Breaks Down That Deadly Cliffhanger (Exclusive)

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Warning: Do not proceed if you have not watched Wednesday's season finale of Nancy Drew. You're about to head into spoiler territory.

Nancy Drew signed off with one deadly cliffhanger. Literally.

The CW's gem of a mystery show called it a day on its shortened first season with Wednesday's finale, which ended on a worrisome note for our favorite amateur sleuths. As a result of the Aglaeca curse, Nancy Drew and her friends, George, Nick, Ace and Bess, saw their impending deaths play out right before their very eyes: Nancy, by jumping off a Horseshoe Bay cliff (paralleling her mother, Lucy Sable's, own death); Nick and George, by drowning as water filled up Nick's truck; Bess, by catching on fire; and Ace, by being hanged by chains.

If seeing their own deaths doesn't accelerate the Drew Crew's desperate attempts at freeing themselves from the Aglaeca curse, nothing ever will. 

Because Nancy Drew was forced to shelve four episodes when it abruptly shut down due to the coronavirus outbreak, it was kismet that Wednesday's episode -- which wasn't intended to be the freshman season's final hour -- ended in such dramatic fashion. While the mystery of Owen's killer was resolved (it was Lucy's brother, Josh, who delivered the fatal blow), there was so many questions left unanswered, from the aftermath of Nancy's parentage twist (bye Drew, hello Hudson?) to a potential new romance, that season two will be brimming with possibilities.

To break down the finale, ET hopped on the phone with leading lady Kennedy McMann to get the scoop on that crazy cliffhanger, what the original plans were for the four unproduced episodes and a look ahead to the new season.

ET: Because the season was cut short, did you talk to executive producers Melinda Hsu Taylor and Noga Landau about where the story was going and what they were planning to do? 

Kennedy McMann: Yeah. We definitely had some talks and all of that kind of stuff, but it's all very unclear about how things are going to pick up. We just really don't know because everything is ever-changing. We are definitely set up with the Aglaeca storyline to carry us over to season two. That's a big, big deal and I think will take us a couple episodes to resolve, if not more than that. So that's set up really nicely to launch us into season two. And then obviously we have all these relationships that are sort of hanging in the balance. And horrible loose threads with Carson and with Ryan and it just like sinks your heart so bad. But yeah, we have those things to deal with. I think that'll be what launches us into season two from my understanding, but we shall see.