Katy ISD removes D from grades. Here's what the district will do instead

Students raise their hands at a Houston-area school in this undated image. (File/KPRC)
Students raise their hands at a Houston-area school in this undated image. (File/KPRC)

KATY, Texas – A "D" will no longer be a grade option for students at the Katy Independent School District. 

Katy ISD announced it is updating its grading policy to remove the letter grade, a move that was approved by district trustees last month. 

Why make the change?

“We’ve found over time that labeling all students with an exact rank feeds a culture of unhealthy competition, stress and pressure,” said Dr. Christine Caskey. “The quartile ranking is beneficial to both the students and the campuses, as it acknowledges success while also allowing more latitude and anonymity within the parameters of each quartile.”

Many parents want to know how this will impact their child. Here's what you should know: 

- District officials instated a D letter grade will be replaced as a C- letter grade.

- Students who began the 2019-2020 school years as juniors, sophomores or freshmen will receive updated modifications to the class rank reporting practice that will be part of the grading policy. 

-  Eleventh-grade students in the top 10% will continue to receive a class rank in the spring semester of their junior year and other students will receive a quartile rank during that same time. 

- The new grade policy for students who are below the top 10% will have no adverse effect. 

- Graduating seniors of the 2019-2020 school year will continue with the previous rank reporting practice. 

District officials said quartile ranking is consistent with the majority of Texas state public college admission policies. The district will be reviewing the updated policy with students and parents.

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