CHAT REACAP: Houston reporters share what to watch for in Texas on Election Day

Journalists from KPRC 2 in Houston breakdown a fascinating election season in the Lonestar State

KPRC 2's Khambrel Marshall and Mario Diaz talk about Texas' role in the election.

Texas is in play on Election Day for the first time in decades.

The long-red state dominated by Republicans, including two U.S. Presidents, is up for grabs on Nov. 3, according to recent polls. It’s a surprise development, considering Texas hasn’t voted for a Democrat for president since 1976 and a Democratic governor since 1990. But a surge in early voting and indications that young voters are turning out at record levels is giving signs the state could be turning purple at least.

The trend may have started in 2018 when Beto O’Rourke made a strong challenge for Ted Cruz’s Senate seat and some longstanding Republican House districts flipped to the Democrats. Will the trend continue in 2020? And how is the shift affecting races at the local level?

What are the key races to watch? How “in-play” is the state, really? Veteran journalists Khambrel Marshall, Robert Arnold and Mario Diaz brokedown the view from Houston and answered your questions about Texas politics.

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