Texas considered close state to watch on Election Day

Texas considered a state to watch

HOUSTON – Texas is shattering early voting records and is becoming one of the states to watch on Election Day.

Texans are eager to have their voices heard. The Lone Star State has hit a record high for early voting turnout. More than 8.1 million Texans have already cast their ballot. That equates to roughly 46% of registered voters and there’s still three days of early voting left. In 2016, 43.5% of voters had cast their ballots early.

A new Quinnipiac poll shows Texas can either go to President Donald Trump or former Vice President Joe Biden. The two are in a 47% tie, according to the poll.

Keith Nielsen, chairman of the Harris County Republican Party said the 2016 race showed us that polls aren’t a complete forecast. There are still 38 electoral delegates at stake.

“I don’t know anybody that’s ever took a poll so I’m not sure who they poll and how they poll them,” Nielsen said. “But I think that they’re not very accurate today.”

Nielsen said his party will continue to make calls and get supporters to the polls on Election Day.

The Quinnipiac poll also shows among those who will vote in person on Election Day, 62% support Trump and 32% will support Biden.

Harris County Democratic Party chairwoman Lillie Schechter said her focus isn’t on the polls, rather getting Democrats to vote early now through Sunday.

“Every vote is always critical in every election,” Schechter said. “The fact that the polls have us so close is really exciting but it means we really have to continue to stay our course and keep our foot on the gas.”

Harris County has extended voting hours at several polling locations for the final days of early voting.