Lawn Guru rolls out app that is like Uber for your lawn

HOUSTON – With Houston's warm weather, we rarely get a break from mowing the lawn. Some people outsource the weekly chore. Maybe you've got a guy or a landscaping company that keeps your grass trimmed and your hedges pruned, but one company, new to Houston, wants to make it even easier. Lawn Guru is like Uber for lawn care. You don't have to leave money under your doormat or worry about a lawn guy who doesn't show while you're at work.

Lawn Guru keeps you updated with text messages and photos.

"We're updating the industry," explained Lawn Guru co-founder Skye Durant. "We're taking the lawn and landscape business and just bringing it into the modern age."

Durant took his high school lawn mowing business and turned it into an app. You can ask for a quote on or the app.

"We're able to provide instant pricing, so you just type in your address and we'll map your lawn for you and give you a price pretty immediately," explained Durant. 

If you like the price, Lawn Guru connects you with a Houston lawn pro. The service is available all over the Houston area. Durant says all providers have to pass a background check, and the pros like it because they spend more time trimming lawns and less time finding new customers and running down payments.

"You don't have to do all the extra invoicing and running around and collecting money," explained the owner of Lawn & Order. 

You do have to upload your credit card information into the app, but you're not charged until the job is complete.

"We send you alerts when we're on the way," said Durant. "We send you a picture of the finished lawn."

So how do Lawn Gurus prices compare to what you normally pay? We checked by asking for a quote for a medium-sized yard in Tomball. The homeowner pays a service $25 a week. Lawn Guru quoted her $27.50 for weekly service. For signing up, she would also get two $10 off coupons for her next two cuts. 

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