Why does Coca-Cola taste different at McDonald’s?

MIAMI – A mystery almost as old as the Colonel’s secret Kentucky Fried Chicken recipe has been solved.

For decades, people have wondered why Coca-Cola sodas taste different when served at McDonald's restaurants.

Many thought it was just their minds, or taste buds, playing tricks on them.

However, there is definitely a difference and there's a reason why Coke goes down differently in the land of the Big Mac.

The secret may be temperature. But first, let's start from the top.

According to Business Insider, it all begins with the way the soda is delivered to franchise locations. Coca-Cola delivers their product to McDonald's in stainless steel containers instead of plastic bags.

Next, it's all about cleaner, fresher water. McDonald's claims to invest more money into their filtration systems.

Finally, McDonald's pre-chills the Coca-Cola syrup, just like their water, which is kept at a temperature just above freezing.

Those temperatures ensure a crisp Coke and more importantly, a happy customer.

So there you have it, the not-so-secret recipe from the restaurant that still won't release what's in its secret sauce.