"Black Lives Matter" protestors march through Third Ward


A group of roughly 100 protesters marched through the streets of Houston's historic Third Ward as part of a rally organized by the Black Lives Matter Houston Chapter on Saturday.

The event, called a "Day of Remembrance," also included a voter registration table and urged participants to come together against allegations of police brutality in Houston and nationwide.

"We're here not only to mourn the lives, but celebrate the lives as well because you can only cry so much," said one organizer.

Saturday's protest in Houston followed days of protests in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Charlotte, North Carolina, following the shooting death of two African-American men by police officers.

"I wanted my kids time be able to see how to protest," said Chastity Gibbons, who brought her four children to Saturday's rally. Her youngest, Elijah, is five.

The crowd grew as they walked from MacGregor Park, onto Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard, through the University of Houston Campus, concluding at Texas Southern University.

Houston Police were also in attendance. Officers forced a barrier at one point, blocking protesters from I-45. At times, tensions rose, as protesters urged police to let them march.

No arrests were made.