Florence coverage from KPRC2's Jacob Rascon

KPRC2 reporter Jacob Rascon is in North Carolina to cover Hurricane Florence and its aftermath.

Here's a look at his coverage:

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"Hurricane Florence made landfall while we were on the air near Wrightsville Beach, where we are. Hard to hear us as you might expect. Shelter was feet away. A few minutes later, everything was calm."




"Pounding wind and rain right now in Carolina beach. Street flooding nearby. This is NBC’s Kerry Sanders standing next to me, preparing to do a live shot. Shelter is nearby."

"Carolina beach right now. Stronger winds and a break in the rain. Thankfully, no flooding where we are so far. High tide and hurricane force winds expected to start in a few hours."







"Hurricane Florence outer bands hitting Carolina Beach. What feel like tropical storm-force gusts and some rain. But thankfully, no flooding as we’ve seen farther north. Not yet at least. Long way to go."




"Kerry Sanders has helped lead NBC's hurricane coverage for many years. We're staying at the same hotel on Carolina Beach. He’s got a new gadget to measure storm conditions."

"Hurricane Florence will hit Carolina Beach hard starting in several hours. This is the relative calm before the storm. Police strictly enforcing the curfew, and nobody is allowed on this beach anymore."



"Alice Melot has a remarkable story. Evacuated Galveston exactly 10 years ago ahead of Hurricane Ike. Lost everything. Now she lives in Wilmington, NC, and has been told to evacuate ahead of Hurricane Florence."

"We arrived in North Carolina. All stocked up on sparkling water (nothing else available), snacks and other basics. Next, we will sit down with a woman from Galveston who lost everything during Hurricane Ike. She now lives here in Wilmington, hoping history doesn’t repeat itself."





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