Here’s looking ‘achoo’ kid...

It's that time of year again!

Almost faster than a sneeze, my 100-year-old water oak tree in the front yard is full of catkins, those flowering clusters of pollen. Of course, they don’t stay on the tree, they fall to be everywhere else:

Oak catkins on my sidewalk

You can see the daily pollen report at and, no surprise, oak is very high today:

From the Harris County health department

Here’s another great resource from

According to, the culprits include oak, ash and birch trees and the Houston forecast continues to be “medium-high” or “high” all week!

Current Allergens from
Pollen forecast from

So what to do? Not much, I’m afraid, other than finding the right medicine that works for you. According to Zyrtec’s website, we have to deal with tree pollen through May, at which time grass and then weed will begin pollinating in earnest!

Good luck!


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