Fall temps aren’t falling!

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Despite the cooler temps we’ve had this week and last, the fall season generally has continued to be warmer than normal.

Climate Central recently studied 245 cities looking at how average temperatures have continued to climb since 1970 and almost all of them have, some by more than two degrees! Houston, not surprisingly, was one of them and our average fall temperature has increased almost four degrees in the past 50 years!

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In addition, the number of warmer fall days has gone up for us by 22!

courtesy Climate Central

Here are the key findings from the Climate Central Study:

  • Fall temperatures have increased by 2.7 °F on average across the U.S. since 1970.
  • Since 1970, fall has warmed at 97% of 245 U.S. cities analyzed, 139 cities warmed at least 2°F, 74% of cities analyzed have experienced at least seven more fall days with above-normal temperatures compared to 1970 and 11 locations now have 30 or more fall days above-normal.
  • The greatest warming (exceeding a 5°F increase) has been at locations in Nevada, Texas, and Arizona.
  • Warmer fall temperatures raise risks of heat-related illness, insect-borne disease, allergies, and poor air quality.

Here is the link for more!

One Thanksgiving record will “fall” tomorrow!

We’ve had very warm, extremely cold and moderately wet Thanksgiving days in our history. Just last year we had showers and thunderstorms roll through, canceling the morning parade.

Thanksgiving Extremes

We might beat that rain record tomorrow! The NWS odds for an inch or more is below and those are pretty good odds.

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And for two inches or more rain there is also a pretty good chance, especially north. Right now the Flood Risk is moderate (a two on scale of one to four). So far there is no Flash Flood Watch in effect for the area, but that could change.

courtesy National Weather Service Houston

We’ll continue to fine-tune the timing for tomorrow’s showers both on air and on line!

Whatever the weather, Happy Franksgiving! I hope you have a nice dinner with friends and family. The weather does look fabulous for our Holiday Spectacular Saturday night at 7 p.m. on KPRC 2!


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