Tornadoes in France and a cyclone strikes Bangladesh

Inside the wild weather week of Oct. 28th

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Hello and welcome back to another issue of the wild weather across the world!

Last week we covered flooding in Nigeria, an impressive waterspout in Cyprus, and heavy rainfall in Australia. This week is another active one with severe weather in Europe causing numerous tornadoes in France and a cyclone in Bangladesh. Once again stick around to the end of the article to see something good!

Tornadoes in France:

A line of strong to severe storms rolled across Europe last weekend. This line of storms brought damaging winds to London and even sparked several tornadoes in France. Several homes were destroyed in both Hauts-de-France and Normandy.

Buildings lost entire walls, roofs and some were flattened. This was especially notable for a storm system to have this intensity this late in the year.

Dozens of homes damaged as tornadoes hit French villages

Cyclone Sitrang in Bangladesh:

Cyclone Sitrang struck Bangladesh late on Monday evening. This storm causing widespread flooding, damaging winds and a storm surge of 10 feet. Although authorities did manage to evacuate hundreds of thousands of people, sadly over two dozen have died from the storm. More than 10 million people lost power which caused widespread school closures to the southern part of the country. There are still locations without power as electricity lines are down by the coast.

Cyclone Sitrang kills in Bangladesh

Something good:

To end this, I want to look at an exciting weather event here in the U.S.! If you’re a skier or a snowboarder like me, you’ll LOVE to hear that Colorado just saw its first big snowfall of the season this week! This year is a La Niña year, which typically means warmer and drier weather for the Southwest, so this was especially exciting for me.

'First good snow of the s' dusts Colorado National Monument

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