Inside the extreme weather the last week of September

Inside Hurricane Ian, Typhoon Noru, and Typhoon Talas

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Hello and welcome back for another look at wild weather this week!

Last week, we discussed the impacts of Hurricane Fiona on Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, an earthquake in Taiwan, and intense flooding in Alaska and Italy. This week we’re going to talk about hurricanes and typhoons all across the globe. This includes the Caribbean, Japan, and the Philippines. Let’s get to it!

Hurricane Ian in the Caribbean:

Of course, we have to talk about Hurricane Ian, as it is headed towards Florida and expected to strengthen into a major hurricane. Mandatory evacuations have been issued in Florida, and more will be likely. Before Ian reaches Florida, it is first impacting the Caribbean. Take a look at the conditions in George Town, Grand Caymans as Ian passed by. The island saw tropical storm force winds, extremely rough seas and heavy rainfall:

Inside Hurricane Ian's impact on the Caribbean

Typhoon Noru floods the Philippines:

Typhoon Noru hit the Philippines hard Monday with strong winds up to 149 mph and waist-high floodwaters. With homes full of water, families were trapped on their rooftops. Unfortunately five rescue workers were killed in Bulacan. Thankfully 76,000 people were evacuated from their homes in advance.

Homes in Philippines flooded in deadly Typhoon Noru's aftermath

Typhoon Talas floods coastal Japan:

On Saturday, Typhoon Talas hit Japan bringing torrential downpours and intense tropical winds. Maximum sustained winds were around 40 mph which would be a tropical storm strength. Southwest of Tokyo, over 15″ of rainfall fell causing flash flooding. The heavy rainfall triggered landslides and tens of thousands lost power. In Shizuoka Prefecture, there was record-setting rainfall, which caused an evacuation order for Hamamatsu (seen it in the video below).

Flooding in coastal Japan

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