Heating Up Again Sunday

We heat up and dry out Sunday

Lots of heat for the next few days

Sunday’s Forecast:

We can say goodbye to our minor rain chances we saw on Saturday and we’re giong to see some major heat coming starting on Sunday, going into most of next week!

Hot and steamy for tomorrow afternoon!

Tracking the tropics:

Potential Tropical Cyclone One drenched parts of Florida with more than 10-11″ near Miami! The storm has moved back offshore and will bring a threat to The Bahamas and Bermuda. Here is more on the Tropical System.

The storm will strengthen as it gets offshore again this weekend

10-day Forecast:

No more rain likely for either Sunday or for the rest of the week for that matter. Note also that the afternoon highs are going to start climbing back into the mid to upper 90s for a good chunk of the week! Now that we are in hurricane season Frank’s gives his take on what to expect.

Lot of heat coming this week!

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