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2022 hurricane season

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What’s Happening In The Gulf Right Now?

Thankfully, the answer to that is not much! However, there are many factors that we will continue to watch as we head into the tropical season. The first is the seas surface temperatures of the Gulf. The water remains very warm, including the Gulf Stream current which represents the bright purple color in the graphic below. Think of it as a hot boiler plate: If a tropical disturbance moves over top of this stream of very warm water, it *can* intensify quickly.

The Gulf waters remain very warm and ripe for tropical development

In fact, this is part of the Gulf Stream current that helps to amplify storm development each summer in the Gulf. This year, it is particularly strong. Chief Meteorologist Frank Billingsley has a great blog entry about what that may mean for our season. You can find it here along with all of Hurricane and Flood Survival Guide and everything for your hurricane prep: KPRC 2 Hurricane HQ

All is quiet in the Gulf of Mexico right now

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