Trail rider weather


Trail riders can tell you with certainty: the trail riding weather is always uncertain!

I admire all those thousands of men, women and children honoring the days past making their way to Memorial Park this Friday to celebrate rodeo! Many of them use their hard-earned vacation just to be a part of the ride and they never complain about the weather. No matter what, they make the journey!

That brings me to the weather this week, which looks a bit unsettled because of a front that will stall over the area. Today, of course, is warm and generally mostly cloudy and the same goes for tomorrow. Highs in the 80s both days!

By Wednesday, a very cold front makes its way into the state, but looks to stall north of us. So temperatures for much of the country are arctic alarming, but we stay comparatively warm in the 60s for highs and 40s for lows.

The front Wednesday stays north of southeast Texas, so we're still on the mild side

Thursday and Friday change a bit, depending on just what that front does. Right now, it looks to push through the area by Friday bringing cool weather for the ride into the park and the rodeo parade:

Cooler air moves in Thursday
Colder for Friday

The Week Ahead

10 Day Forecast

Consequently, the ride into Houston today and tomorrow look warm and cloudy. Wednesday and Thursday look to be dealing with rain while Friday begins to dry out and clear for the Saturday parade! Cool weather for Friday and Saturday so get those dusters out!

Have a safe trail ride!


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