2021 weather: Looking back at Hurricane Nicholas

Nicholas strikes the Texas Coast courtesy NWS Houston

Many of us will have our personal stories of Hurricane Nicholas (mine’s at the end). Fortunately, most of our memories for this one are a blip on our weather screen: downed trees, awnings and fences; flooded roads, torn up siding. No fatalities were reported and damage stood at around a billion dollars. While we’ve seen worse, four to seven feet of water was measured in spots along the coast, almost 10 inches of rain fell in Deer Park, and winds topped 94 mph at Matagorda Bay. Some significant house and car damage occurred, especially for coastal residents:

courtesy click2houston.com
courtesy click2houston.com

KPRC 2 viewers and photojournalists well documented the damage and we have those pictures right here on click2houston.com.

Nicholas development

This storm developed quickly in the Bay of Campeche on Sunday, Sept. 12 as a tropical storm struggling against wind shear in the Gulf. Overcoming that, Nicholas moved north toward Matagorda Bay, intensifying to a Category 1 hurricane the next day and officially moving across the Texas coast near Sargent early on Tuesday, Sept. 14. That was a long night at the coast:

courtesy click2houston.com

You can see the full report from KPRC 2 anchor Keith Garvin, along with Bill Spencer and Rose Ann Aragon’s stories on click2houston.com at this link.

Nicholas would drift out of our area during the day Tuesday toward Louisiana and then spend the next four days meandering around the western part of that state before just falling apart:

courtesy NHC

Our story on Nicholas as it drenched Louisiana and the whole Gulf Coast is here. The Houston National Weather Service has an entire review of the storm on their website showing totals for flood, wind, rain and a myriad of photos, radars and satellites.

As for our story

Most of you know I spend a lot of time in Galveston and a few have asked about any damage from Hurricane Nicholas to our home. We were lucky, but we are now owners of a brand new trellis:

The winds took the trellis down and broke the posts, so the whole thing had to be replaced.

Enjoy your weekend and, if you’re in Galveston, Dickens on the Strand is going on -- always a fun time and some great Christmas shopping!


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