No 90s November!


I always call November the “no nineties” month which means finding cooler weather is easy as pumpkin pie.

While we have seen the 90-degree mark across the area in this month, our official Bush/IAH recording station has never reported higher than 89 in this month (seven times we’ve officially hit 89 and each time was a record high for the day). Generally, the first half of the month falls in the upper 70s with lower 70s the second half, while lows hover in the low 50s falling to the upper 40s. Here’s a handy, dandy chart I put together:

This is based on BUSH/IAH averages for the month

Rainfall averages just over 4 inches in November, but keep in mind that cold fonts -- serious cold fronts -- move across the state starting now and those can produce severe weather. November is generally our ‘secondary’ tornado season after February! Here’s our forecast into the weekend where you’ll see a cold front slated for mid-week and notice CLOCKS GO BACK one hour Sunday!

10 DAY forecast

It’s still Hurricane Season

In case you hadn’t heard, we have subtropical Storm Wanda out in the Atlantic. The hurricane season isn’t officially over until the end of this month, but with the W storm our list is over! We may well end up going to the alternative list, too, as you can see below that there is another possible chance for development:

The Yellow X indicates another area of development

In the past, we’ve resorted to the Greek alphabet for additional storm names, but that ended up creating confusion with so many rhyming names -- ETA, BETA, THETA --not to mention they aren’t in alphabetical order. So a new alternative list came into play this year:



This is also the month you see guys putting down the razor to bring attention to men’s health. From the web:

The No-Shave November campaign is observed every year in order to raise awareness around the hair which cancer patients lose. The motive behind No-Shave November is to let our hair grow freely and to donate the money we spend on haircare to cancer patients.

Last year nearly $2 million was raised for the cause!

Enjoy the month as we can get back into the ugly Christmas sweaters and pull out the pie recipes!

And, of course, GO ASTROS!!


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