Typhoon heading toward Tokyo Olympics?

90W is the location for possible Typhoon development that may affect Japan Sunday into Monday
90W is the location for possible Typhoon development that may affect Japan Sunday into Monday

Tokyo is preparing for the big Olympic event they’ve been waiting for more than a few years and now, and just as they are getting started, the European model is suggesting a typhoon may be threatening Tokyo on Sunday and Monday. A typhoon is the same as a hurricane, just goes by a different name in that part of the world.

In fact, that part of the world is monitored by the Joint Typhoon Warning Center out of Japan along with the Japanese Meteorological Agency. This area is very active for typhoons, more so than the Atlantic or Pacific for hurricanes, and they are used to storms this time of year--but it’s certainly not what they need right now!

Here is the current European Model and you’ll see one typhoon, IN-FA, that is already known about--that one is heading to Ningbo, China. It’s the area I have highlighted that is being watched for development, to the right of Typhoon IN-FA:

Area of possible development right now is highlighted by the lens

By Sunday, the European model has Typhoon IN-FA making landfall in Ningbo, China and places a forming typhoon off the Japanese coast:

Possible Typhoon Developing Sunday

Then on Monday, a well-formed typhoon of about 65mph winds moves inland just south of Tokyo:

Monday Typhoon location

You can see a well-formed “eye” of the storm and, as we know, intensity and location of these storms is way too early to know when the storm has not even formed yet! We will continue to monitor this potential and pass on what we know on-air and on-line! Fortunately, our crew of Keith Garvin, Christine No-l, Rose-Ann Aragon and their photojournalists are very experienced with hurricanes and will know how to stay safe and keep us informed from the ground!

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