We are ‘hurricane due’ -- are you ready?

Hurricane Ike decimated Bolivar Island in 2008
Hurricane Ike decimated Bolivar Island in 2008

HOUSTON – This is National Hurricane Preparedness week and, in true form, Mother Nature delivered Tropical Storm Andres over the weekend -- the earliest system to form in the Pacific. The Pacific season officially starts May 15. Ours begins June 1.

Tropical Storm Andres

The National Hurricane Center has put together a terrific go-to site for all of us right here. Topics include everything from making sure your insurance is up to date, assembling a preparedness kit, assessing your risk, getting to know your neighbor.

Diving down into the Determine Your Risk category I found two graphics to share with you regarding “return periods” which try to answer the question “Are we due for a big storm?”

Check these out below:

Hurricane Return periods
Major Hurricane Return Periods

How do we stack up?

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