What to know about the Tuesday Nor’Easter

Winter Begins!

Winter is here and you’ve probably noticed it today.

Our high temperatures this week don’t make it above 60° until Friday and lows hover around 40° each morning! And these gloomy skies get reinforcement from another storm system in New Mexico heading our way for tomorrow although there won’t be much moisture to work with here -- don’t look for more than a quarter-inch of rain. Here’s the synoptic map and you can see that low:

Next System coming across Texas

The low moves across and picks up Gulf moisture becoming a Nor’Easter heading to the Mid-Atlantic. Here’s a couple of forecast maps from the American Model:

Nor'Easter for Wednesday
Nor'easter Close Up

How much snow?

One of the real issues is going to be ice, which looks to be a problem across North Carolina and Virginia, while snow will be found north into Pennsylvania. New American model runs indicate 6-12 inches of snow from Pennsylvania to New England. New York City could get a foot of it:

Heavy snow!

What does a Nor’Easter have to do with us? Not much directly, but the weather pattern looks to be changing a bit. After weeks of relatively calm weather, we need to be on the lookout for not just colder, but stormier weather (we had a taste of that yesterday!). A new system moves through Saturday and yet another may be visiting around Christmas. We’ll keep you posted!


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