Bye, Bye Beta

The remnants of Beta continues to move through the southeastern states

Clear Creek is one of three waterways over its banks due to Tuesday’s severe weather stemming from Beta. (KPRC 2)

HOUSTON – Rain is the only thing left of Beta and it is moving through the Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee. This batch of rain will continue to push into the mid-Atlantic states Friday before moving off shore this weekend.

Here is a look at what Beta left behind in Southeast Texas:
Heavy Rain with Storm Totals over 12′'!
As of Thursday Morning, All Creeks and Bayous in the Metro Area are Back in Bank!
Beta has dropped over a foot of rain in some locations in southern Metro Houston. The heaviest rain fell from Ellington Field and Pearland to west Houston.
Some of the highest rain totals for last 48 hours (KPRC)

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