Isaias isn’t done and neither is our heat

Isaias This Morning

Florida let out a sigh of relief yesterday as Isaias swept to the east after passing through the Caribbean and Bahamas. Here’s a little video from the Dominican Republic.

Rain amounts across Florida were light (especially compared to the offshore 5-7″) with the biggest problems being some minor beach erosion:

Heaviest rain just off the Florida coast

From our sister station in Jacksonville:

Tweet from News4JAX

So now the storm, which weakened to a tropical storm, is expected to regain hurricane strength and move quickly across the Carolinas, but will be inland, which will mean flooding from strong surf and 4-6″ rain:

Forecast Path

Obviously, the northeast US will have to watch for flooding, also. Already the Cape Fear River at Wilmington is in minor to moderate flood stage and the storm won’t be there until tomorrow:

Rising Water in Wilimington

The saving grace is that the storm will move quickly.

Get ready for heat

We’ve been advertising another big warm up toward the end of this week and the weekend. Here’s an upper-level map indicating strong high pressure settles in over us (exactly what happened during our last heat wave):

Strong High Pressure

Look for mid-90s and feels-like numbers in the 100-105 range. Other than a sea breeze shower in the afternoon, there won’t be much relief. The NWS put out this graphic for the month ahead indicating warmer and drier than normal for the month of August:

Hot and Dry!

Have a safe week!


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