Tropics, heat and a comet

A lot can happen in just one day

Comet NEOWISE Thursday evening from Cypress, TX courtesy Gordon Mackenzie
Comet NEOWISE Thursday evening from Cypress, TX courtesy Gordon Mackenzie

The cover photo you see of Comet NEOWISE above was taken just last night (Thursday) from right here in Cypress.

A lot of folks have been asking where to look for this newly-discovered comet and the simple answer is UP! After the sun goes down, look north below the Big Dipper and you should be able to spot NEOWISE with the naked eye, although a nice pair of binoculars is that much better! It will be gone before the end of the month and not back for 6,200 years. So make a plan.

Tropical Storm Fay

You may have heard, Tropical Storm Fay formed yesterday:

Tropical Storm Fay courtesy NOAA

This storm brought flooding surge to New Jersey streets and will continue to make a dreary weekend for New York City, Long Island and New England. Landfall occurred this afternoon in New Jersey and tonight the storm is moving through southern New York and will continue to move to Canada over the weekend. So far, gusty windy and 1-2″ rain has been common. And FAY sets a record for the earliest “F” storm to form in a hurricane season, beating out my namesake FRANKLIN from July 22, 2005!

That means the new hurricane forecast for 20 storms has 14 left:

Updated Hurricane Forecast from Colorado State University

Don’t get complacent. The Saharan Dust is doing its job over the Atlantic suppressing storms but as soon as that dust stops in August I expect a huge uptick in hurricanes, and dangerous ones.

Speaking of Danger: HEAT

Heat advisories for our entire area are in effect through Saturday (at least) as temperatures soar to 100-102° and feels-like temps land between 105-110°. Today we officially made it to 100 which is the hottest day so far this year! This evening we still have temps in the upper 80s which FEEL LIKE 100!

Heat Advisories through 7pm Today

We’re not the only ones sweating it out under heat advisories this weekend. In fact, from Marfa to Miami it’s dangerously hot:

Heat Advisories

So stay cool, stay hydrated, stay inside, and make sure those pets stay safe! Have a great weekend and send me pics of that comet if you catch it by the tail!


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