Drier skies as we head into the weekend

Sunny and hot weather takes over in southeast Texas!

HOUSTON – After several rounds of severe weather this week, our weather pattern is finally settling down as we head into the weekend. Here is what you need to know:

Getting drier!

While we may not be completely rain-free on Friday, our chances for rain are significantly lower than they have been all week. In fact, most of us will stay high and dry all day long.

Thanks to a north breeze and an influx of dry air, humidity levels will decrease from north-to-south throughout the day. It’s going to feel quite comfortable this afternoon. But we may have enough lingering atmospheric moisture along the coast during the warmest part of the day to spark a quick shower or two, so we can’t take rain out of the forecast entirely.

By the weekend, though, skies will be completely dry area-wide!

Rain chances significantly lower as we close out the work week.

Getting Hotter!

With High pressure settling over Texas for the next several days, our weather turns sunnier and hotter. Friday temperatures will be seasonable, in the upper 80s, but expect low to mid-90 afternoon temperatures between this weekend and the middle of next week.

Thanks to high pressure over Texas, sunny and hot weather will take over this weekend.
Get ready for a hot, dry stretch of weather in southeast Texas through the middle of next week.

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