Here’s how to check bayou levels, rainfall totals


HOUSTON – When heavy rain moves through Southeast Texas, you can keep track of the bayou levels and rainfall totals for the Houston area.

Rising creeks and bayous are a concern for many residents, and you can check bayou levels at the Harris County Flood Warning System website at

On the left-hand navigation under “Map View Options,” click or tap “Channel Status.”

A green square means the bayou is still in its banks. A yellow triangle with an exclamation point means the bayou is nearing out-of-bank status. A red circle with an exclamation point means the bayou has overtopped its bank.

The site also has rainfall totals for Harris County. Just click or tap on “Rainfall” under “Map View Options.”

Check the forecast any time by visiting or by downloading the free Frank’s Forecast app on Apple or Android devices.