Frank's Weather or Not: Heat Relief and Comic Relief...

HOUSTON – Say hello to the third warmest June on record across the globe, just behind 2016 and 2017.

Despite this fact, the USA has been fairly 'normal', unless you count those scorching temperatures in Alaska over July 4th weekend and what is going on now. NOAA and NASA data came out this week for June and Climate Central graphed it out. Take a look at the year so far:

From Climate Central

Europe and Australia have had some of their hottest temperatures on record and you can see below that South America and Africa are setting records as well. 

From Climate Central

This chart below only goes to 2016, but clearly we have more record highs than lows these days. A Changing Climate = A Warming World. Hard to dispute the science.


So here's the forecast across the country as we head into the weekend:


With Official Heat Advisories and Excessive Heat Warnings for about a quarter of the nation and keep in mind a LOT of the nation in the south doesn't get the advisory or warning because we're used to it. 


BUT, a front is on the way, which is crazy for July, but the models have been persistent and this morning's FV3-GFS run shows it again:

This will bring increased rain chances for us next week, especially Tuesday - Thursday and take highs down into the 80s. A north wind will decrease humidity! Here is our forecast. So hang in there and stay safe over this blistering weekend. By the way, you've heard about the FaceApp that's been going around? This made me laugh:

Thanks to my friend Bill Hines for posting this on Facebook!



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